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Baosteel Stock Co., Ltd. Mobilizes Force to Promote Trusteeship Work in an All-Dimensional and Syste

To gather all the forces of the whole system, establish a long-term support system and working mechanism, and quickly realize the comprehensive docking of various management businesses, so as to ensure that Baowu Aluminum Industry goes into operation smoothly as planned and achieves rapid production and effectiveness. Recently, Baosteel held a start-up meeting of Baowu Aluminum Industry to study and solve the current prominent difficulties, clarify the production preparation time node, support focus, staffing, and promote projects, and once again tighten the wind for the trusteeship work, and make every effort to promote the realization of the strategic goal of "from steel to material". Zou Jixin, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Baosteel, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Hou Angui attended the meeting.            

In order to implement the "one-base-five-yuan" development strategy and promote the production of new materials such as automotive aluminium as soon as possible, on February 1 this year, Baowu, Henan Energy and Sanmenxia Investment Group signed a strategic investment agreement for Baowu Aluminum Industry. On July 26, Baowu and Baosteel signed a trusteeship agreement, which entrusted 51% of Baowu Aluminum to Baosteel. Baosteel shares attach great importance to the management relationship as a subsidiary of the next level, dispatch management team, the project entered a period of rapid progress.


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